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Wednesday night

Myself, a work mate and his daughter just caught the last song of Bronze Medallists. A review said melodic, clever and talented. From just 1 song I saw some potential and if they support again I might get there early.

Next was Dutch/Danish singer Mads Langer. His 3 piece band were also good. He’s a got a good voice on him and the songs were pleasant.

Then it was time for The Feeling.
Touring their 3rd album for my 3rd gig of theirs within the last 5 years.

Half the set came from the new album which is good but at a times a bit to disco for me, but when performed live the songs turn a bit more rock. Another third of the songs came from the first album which if the band keep going might become their own classic.
The other 6th(ish) were from the 2nd album and a nice surprise when after finishing Leave Me Out Of It (featuring the bassists wife Sophie Ellis-Bextor on vocal duet via a backing track and backdrop video screen) they immediately went into a full cover of Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al.

A good 90-minutes from them plus good support acts made it a good value enjoyable gig :)

Set list:
(3) Set My World
(1) Never Be Lonely
(3) Say No
(3) Another Soldier
(1) Rosé
(1) Helicopter
(3) Leave Me Out Of It
You Can Call Me Al
(3) Still You Want More
(1) Sewn
(3) A Hundred Sinners (Come And Get It)
(3) Dance For Lights
(1) Love It When You Call
(2) Thought It Was Over
(3) Undeniable
(2) Join With Us
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