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Electric Boys

1 venue, 5 bands, 4 hours of melodic rock from mostly Swedish bands.
Although we actually got there late so missed the first band Sencelled.

But we did get to see Dynazty who were young, long haire and energetic.

Tainted Nation aren’t young or energetic but have plenty of musical experiences from the other bands they’ve been in. Once drummer now vocalist Pete Newdeck was suffering from throat problems but I thought still managed a good job.

Miss Behaviour were another young band with a good vibe about them.

I’ve been waiting for about 16 years for Electric Boys to come back to these shores again as I missed the last time. They haven’t been active for 16 years and although they were at Sweden this year it was during a tired and bad weather bit so I didn’t get to appreciate them. But this time, even though they only did an hour I loved it.

Psychedelic Eyes
Groovus Maximus
Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters
Mary In The Mystery World
The House is Rockin’
Knee Deep In You
Rags to Riches
Angel In An Amoured Suit
Captain Of My Soul
All Lips N' Hips

Then we stopped off for a sneaky chicken noodle at Goose Fair :)~
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