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Crosby & Nash

David Crosby & Graham Nash have been to the UK before but it was always somewhere like the Albert Hall in London which is a bit too far for me. So when it was announced they were doing Sheffield City Hall I had to make sure I ticked another couple of legend off my want to see list.

Sometimes they do their gigs acoustically but this time they had a full band which included a bassist born in Sheffield and on keyboards and backing vocals one of Crosby’s sons.

The first set lasted about 70 minutes and haad a nice mix of songs from C,S,N or C&N, solo material or other songs such as Eight Miles High from way back in David’s early days. Other nice tunes were I Used to Be a King, Marrakesh Express, Wind On The Water and Almost Cut My Hair which let the band rock out a bit.

During the break I was forced to get a Thorton’s ice-cream before settling back for another 90 minutes.
The highlights of the second half included Simple Man, Guinnevere, Our House, Cathedral, Deja Vu, Military Madness, Wooden Ships and ended with Teach Your Children.

An absolutely brilliant gig. I was even inspired to buy a recent live DVD which has 2.5 hours worth of material on it similar to what I enjoyed last night.

The only down side was that the didn’t play the song ‘Chicago’, but I did get Simple Man and a few more of my favourite Nash tunes.

Eight Miles High
I Used to Be a King
Long Time Gone
Marrakesh Express
Lay Me Down
Old Soldier
Just A Song Before I Go
Slice Of Time
Don't Dig Here
Critical Mass/Wind On The Water
Almost Cut My Hair

Simple Man
Blackbird (Beatles Cover)
Our House
In Your Name
What Are Their Names?
They Want It All
Broken Bird
Deja Vu
Military Madness
Wooden Ships
Teach Your Children
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