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Friday 21st
At teatime on Friday K and I made our way to Rock City for the first night of FireFest VIII.
SERPENTINE were a great opener. Unlike the rest of the bands that night I’ve never seen them before and will certainly watch them again.
HOUSTON are a great young band from Sweden. K says they could have done with some more harmonizing backing vocals but we still both thought they were brill with their very catchy songs.
Old boy TERRY BROCK did a solo set. The vocals are a bit more rough compared to some melodic rock bands, but still good.
JIMI JAMISON was the highlight of last year so was invited back for a slightly longer headline set. Once again he was with guitarist Tommy Denander and a bunch of young Swedish guys from other bands. Together they did a great set of mostly Survivor songs (including Eye of The Tiger which he didn’t actually sing on the original). Plenty of highlights but my faves were... actually it was pretty much everything :) Just a pity he didn’t play I Can’t Hold back. Maybe next time :)

Set list
Behind The Music (solo)
Burning Heart (Survivor)
First Night (Survivor)
Desperate Dreams (Survivor)
High On You (Survivor)
Chasing Euphoria (from Kimball/Jamison)
Reach (Survivor)
Blood On Your Money (from Cobra)
I See You In Everyone (Survivor)
Oceans (Survivor)
Rebel Son (Survivor)
Didn't Know It Was Love (Survivor)
I’m Always Here (aka Baywatch theme tune)
Eye Of The Tiger
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