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Saturday 22nd
A full 9 hour session (with 20 minute breaks between bands)
TALON were good classic melodic hard rock.
VEGA continued with their younger members.
SILENT RAGE were older and better than I thought they would be.
I didn’t know much of JEFF PARIS before the lineup was announced. But I now really like his albums and was looking forward to his hour. He had the same backing band as Jimi Jamison the previous night and was just as good as I thought he would be.
Warrant were supposed to play today but pulled out. So W.E.T were brought in. Featuring the fine vocals of Jeff Scott Soto and members of Eclipse & Work Of Art. Good melodic hard rock.
STRANGEWAYS saw Terry Brock returning to the stage with the band he made his name in.
STEVE AUGERI was promoted to headliner act and so added a few extra songs from his time in Journey. He was good with his own stuff but those more well known songs made it even better.

Sunday night Coney Hatch would be on stage. But as an extra special treat on the Saturday at 11pm their lead vocalist/guitarist CARL DIXON did an hours acoustic show free for all at the Premier Inn bar. I last saw him do a similar show in Sweden in 2004 and this brought back memory feelings of that moment. But this one was more poignant as 3 years ago he lost little bits of his body, his consciousness and nearly his life in a car crash. The mix of singalong covers and solo material went down very well.
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