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Sunday 23rd
NEWMAN replaced another band that dropped out. Steve and his band were as good as I’ve seen them a few times before.
I like the album I have of WHITE WIDDOW and they were good, but the vocals just weren’t quite right to make it supergood.
ALIEN are a old fellas band from Sweden who mainly thanks to the great vocals were quite a highlight.
KANE ROBERTS is known for once being Alice Cooper’s guitarist. So as a singer he’s not great and in another place he might have been good, but compared to other bands not as much. The highlight was some scantily clad women dancing on stage for Dance little Sister.
MITCH MALLOY has a great voice and writes memorable songs. I’ve seen him before and knew I would enjoy him again.
CONEY HATCH had Carl Dixon and co in fine form. It’s good that the bassist also handles the vocals on a few tunes to make it a little different. Most enjoyable stuff from the Canadians.
UNRULY CHILD once had a singer called Mark Free, now she’s called Marcie Free. She seemed genuinely pleased that the crowd accepted her. Although not a band I knew much of before they were a good one to close the 3 days with.

We should hopefully be back next year for more of the same.
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