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Wednesday 9th

The last time I saw Yes was in 2003 during their 35th anniversary tour.
Now they are back, but keyboardist Rick Wakeman will most likely never be with them again, and quite possibly also vocalist Jon Anderson.
Jon’s replacement is a Canadian called Benoît David and on keyboards is Geoff Downes who was in Yes 31 years ago on the only other album not to feature Jon on vocals. Another link to that time is that the vocalist for that album was Trevor Horn and he produced and co-wrote some the latest album.

Due to being robbed by the local parking prices last time I got to Sheffield City Hall using the tram from the park & ride. Fate was smiling on me when I noticed there was a ticket (costing £4.50 for parking and tram rides) already sticking out of the machine. I don’t understand why someone might have left it so maybe the machine went loopy. Either way the ticket was accepted by the conductor.

Just after 8pm Yes started their 2h15 minute set of musical pieces. There were only 13 titles played, but most came in about 10 minutes long such as old classics Yours Is No Disgrace, And You And I, and from non-Anderson eras Tempus Fugit and Machine Messiah. As the latter didn’t have Jon’s vocals on them originally they were the best new interpretations, made better in the fact that they were a new live experience for me. The full 25 minute version of new song Fly From Here also went down well along with Into the Storm.

The real tester for me was And You And I. While David has a good voice and did a really good job there was a part of me that missed Jon. Also bassist Chris Squire seemed to dominate the song in places both with backing vocals and trouser vibrating bass. Maybe it was down to the mixing desk and my location.

I nearly didn’t go to the gig but the quality of the new album made me go and now I’ve seen them I’m hoping they might do something else again soon and perform other songs I long for Yes to perform live.

Set list:
Yours Is No Disgrace
Tempus Fugit
Your Move - I've Seen All Good People
Life on a Film Set
And You And I
Steve Solo (Solitaire / 2nd initial)
Fly From Here (Full)
Wonderous Stories
Into the Storm
Machine Messiah
Starship Trooper
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