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The Darkness

The first of the 3 bands were on far too early for me to get there in time. But I did get to see Foxy Shazam from Oiho.
They are a very crazy lively band who at times reminded me of a more loony happier Faith No More with a trumpet.
Lead vocalist Eric is a complete nutter. Often going into mini rambles about his life which sound ludicrous but are probably true (like going to jail for 6 months for killing a dog that bit his son).
The music was rocky funky poppy and lively with good melodies but a more memorable highlight was when Erik got a loudmouth impatient member of the audience onto the stage while the band all downed instruments. The lone nob got quickly booed off and the band returned.
Definitely one to watch and I will add them to my how on earth do I download these albums list.

Set list:
Yes Yes Yes
Oh Lord
The Rocketeer
I Like It
Killin' It
The Only Way To My Heart

After years of honing their craft The Darkness shot to fame in 2003 and melted away in a pool of rock and roll decadence a few years later.
But now they’re back with the original line up and a little less glam and no 100 foot high giant snow leopards or boobs for Justin Hawkins to ride on.

Their first album was an instant hit and had some great songs on and this was echoed at the gig by them playing every single song from it. The second album (which I didn’t fully like at first but now think it’s not aged to badly) had a scattering of songs performed and there were no less than 4 new songs showcased.

It’s almost Crimbo so they got to be the first band I’ve seen this year to say it’s Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End).
They came back for a 4 song encore which included a new song, a Queen cover, their most well known song and a belter to end with.

Heavy guitars, great solos, cat suits, fire, confetti, a piggy back guitar solo around the audience. Good stuff. Due to Justin’s vocals they might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I hope they continue to do clubs this size. In fact they said they would return on the album tour.

Set list:
Black Shuck
Growing On Me
Best Of Me
One Way Ticket
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Out Of This World
Holding My Own
Love Is Only A Feeling
Friday Night
Is It Just Me?
Street Spirit (Radiohead cover)
Givin' Up
Stuck in a Rut
Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)
Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover)
I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Love On The Rocks With No Ice
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