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Pure Reason Revolution

Wednesday 23rd

Support came from Long Dead Signal who had a good sound that was a bit of a mix of Snow Patrol meets Muse meets Radiohead. They played songs that included the titles Long Dead Signal, Asleep At The Wheel and A Question Of Violence. Afterwards I was given a free mini CD sampler which I’ll probably MP3 and keep.

Pure Reason Revolution’s time was split into 2 halves. The first was songs from “Amor Vincit Omnia” & “Hammer & Anvil”. As this is their farewell tour for a treat for the fans in the second half they played their debut 2006 album “The Dark Third” in its entirety which included some songs they had apparently never played live.
For only 4 young people there was a great amount of different sounds happening. Probably due to the 2 lead vocalists (Chloe & Jon) also having a keyboard and sampler to play when they weren’t busy with their bass & guitar.
The beats made you want to move. The harmonizing vocals draw you in and the guitars keep you hypnotized. A good alternative band.
Set list:
Blitzkrieg / Disconnect
Black Mourning
Les Malheurs
Deus Ex Machina
Last Man, Last Round
The Twyncyn / Trembling Willows
Fight Fire
The Dark Third
Goshen's Remains
Apprentice of the Universe
The Bright Ambassadors of Morning
Nimos and Tambos
Voices in Winter / In the Realms of the Divine
Bullitts Dominæ
Arrival / The Intention Craft
He Tried to Show Them Magic! / Ambassadors Return
In Aurélia
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