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Fireworks, wedding preps, chilling, gigging.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned 2010

Best MP3 of recent times added - If I carry on this lark next year then I guess I’ll merge the CD and MP3catergories into one. I just can’t bring myself to do it yet.
I like Steel Panther – Balls Out (2011) but
Trace Adkins - Cowboy's Back in Town (2010) is a good modern country album that I think could sit alongside many rock albums.

Gig of the Month
Fish (acoustic)
The Darkness
Pure Reason Revolution

The latest line-up of Yes gets my seal of approval.

Cinema film of the Month
I only saw Kill Keith and it was mostly rubbish (apart from Kieth Chegwin himself) so not worth giving the prize to.

Film on TV
I Am Number Four
Night Of The Demons
Jonah Hex
Made In Dagenham
Get Him To The Greek

Due Date was funny
The Warriors Way looked nice
Despicable Me was funny
Up had both the funny (Squirrel!) and the high sentiment. Another great pixar.

Best MUSIC DVD bought
IQ – Subterranea - 1997 concert from the long running neo-prog band.

DVD watched
Paranormal Activity 3

Book read
Shut up!

Top purchase
Samsung Galaxy S2II screen protectors
Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S II with pull tab
And of course the Samsung Galaxy S2II itself. I thought it might be too big for me but it’s manageable and light and fast and more useful than my previous phone.

December has 8 days off work, 4 gigs, a spa day, a wedding and CRIMBO :)
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