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I had already seen Magnum twice this year. But K loves them and wanted to see them again and they’re always great entertainment so I tagged along.

I also went because it was at a venue in Bilston, Wolverhapton that I had never been to before and if I liked it I might consider going back sometime.

Support came from Pat McManus who was once in an 80s rock band called Mama's Boys but now goes under his own name. Pat was brilliant on guitar with influences coming from Gary Moore & Rory Gallagher but with extra flourishes. His drummer and bassist fitted in well with his style and if he supports another band I’m seeing or playing local I would definitely go and see him again.

Magnum were of course as good as ever.
The set list was almost identical to the previous shows but it’s a good collection of their old and new tunes that doesn’t lessen too much after multiple viewings.
Set list:
Back to Earth
When We Were Younger
Wild Angels
Brand New Morning
How Far Jerusalem
Spin Like A Wheel
The fall????
Freedom day
Les Morts Dansent
Black Skies
All My Bridges
All England's Eyes
Kingdom Of Madness
On A Storyteller's Night
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