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We had also seen Whitesnake a couple of times this year. But we couldn’t resist a special Evening with type gig that lasted well over 2 hours but kept us entertained with songs, cheeky banter and a few mini a cappella moments from Mr Coverdale.
Good full song moments included Give Me All Your Love, Love Ain't No Stranger, The Deeper The Love, Now You're Gone, Is This Love and a few with ex-Whitesnake guitarist special guest Bernie Marsden - Fool For Your Loving, Here I Go Again, Still Of The Night and Burn / Stombringer.

Because of the length of the show we could forgive the long guitar solos and the drum solo. Although the drum solo was actually pretty good. I especially liked the luminous and bouncing drum sticks. Having a seat only 20 feet away helped.

It was a really nice gig with nice touches like the band singing I’m Dreaming Of A White(snake) Christmas.

Set list:
Bad Boys
Give Me All Your Love
Love Ain't No Stranger
The Deeper The Love
Now You're Gone
Steal Your Heart Away
Guitar Duel
Can You Hear The Wind Blow
Rock Me Baby
Love Will Set You Free
The Badger
Drum Solo
Band Intro's / Walk This Way / Can't Touch This / Another One Bites The Dust / Sunshine Of Your Love / Slow An Easy / Fire / Slide It In / All Right Now
Is This Love
Fool For Your Loving (with Bernie Marsden)
Here I Go Again (with Bernie Marsden)
Still Of The Night (with Bernie Marsden)
Tour Thanks
Soldier of Fortune (A capella)
Burn / Stombringer / Burn reprise (with Bernie Marsden)
White(snake) Christmas (with Bernie Marsden)
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