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Rolf Harris


I’d seen the legend that is Rolf Harris once before at Rock City of all places. It was full of students some who I’m sure were stage diving as he went through his best songs, played the didgeridoo, wobble board, accordion and taught us how to swear in Australian.

But he’s a little bit older now so for his gig at the Concert Hall there was a little less energy, fewer songs, an older audience but he did also paint a huge picture of Uluru.
He was on stage for over 2 hours in total telling stories, cracking a few gags and generally gently entertaining us. It was a very nice experience.

Set list:
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Tie Me Huntin' Dog Down, Jed
Jake the Peg
Sun Arise
Waltzing Matilda
Six White Boomers
Raining On The Rock
Two Little Boys
Stairway to Heaven
Goodnight, Irene P
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport (British version)
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