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Crimbo + wedding

Crimbo Eve Eve
We both finished work early and went into town and to the Soulville Steakhouse for a good stuffing. Quick food with good portions and good taste. I then rolled about on the sofa until bedtime.

Crimbo Eve
We got new tires for K’s car in the morning, then did as little as possible until it was late enough to open the presents that weren’t from either of us.

Opened our presents to each other in bed then got ready to visit my Mum, Dad and brother for 4 hours until K went to work for 8 hours, and I went to work for 3 hours then watched Dr Who.

On Wednesday 28th it was K’s sister’s wedding.
K was a bridesmaid and I had the honour of being an usher. I ushed to the best of my abilities and hopefully helped as much as I enjoyed the day.
The whole day went well for the bride and groom and the guests enjoyed the food, speeches and night time entertainment from a Beatles cover band.
I had a little too much evening buffet and stopped drinking alcohol about 10pm but apart from that I survived dignity almost intact as I pranced around in my kilt.

6 of us round a mates house not doing a lot apart from listening to music on, a bit of Kinetic sports, playing the wear a hat game, then ringing in the new year in an almost empty pub down the road where K joined us after her 8 hour work shift and drove us home.

Well that was a little less than I had planned to write. But I'm a busy boy these days :)
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