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My birthday began on the Saturday with a close up viewing of the AC/DC cover band called Livewire.
Since I saw them last a couple of years back the guitarist has been replaced by a younger guy who actually looks like he’s still in his teens. But this kid (nicknamed Ashgus) can play remarkably well. He was loving it, the band were loving it, and so were we as they did over 2 hours of rocking tunes with the 2 vocalists representing the 2 different eras of the band.

After a mellow Sunday I woke a year older (37, eek!) and got some nice gifts including – Vitamin C tablets, deodorant for MAN, Muppet socks, Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest DVD, Captain America DVD, Black Crowes - Crowology CD and from Kel a really nice new compact digital camera that after playing with for a few days I’m comfortable with and know where most of the functions are.

We then half drove half walked into town to see Haywire at the cinema followed by a cheapy lunch in a gothic pub. What with it being Chinese New Year we also had some sneaky Chicken Chow Mein later on that night.

I’ll be getting another gothic feeding today as a few of us go into town to be measured for our suits for W-day in 56 days :o It’ a pity I didn’t manage to lose more weight for that occasion, but there’s still time to trim down a little more before the big day. I look ace enough anyway though ;)
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