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Prawn free

Last night we had a meeting with the wedding venue then got home for a nice fishy tea.
An hour later I was doing something weddingy related on the PC upstairs when my eyes became itchy, followed by my face and then arms.
At first I thought I been bit, but then I started itching more and came out in a few lumps here and there, the most worrying being on my face because you hear all these stories about allergic reactions sometimes turning quite deadly.

So I went downstairs where the voice of reason told me I needed to take an antihistamine tablet. But I had used all my hay fever pills in the summer. But she got the scent and found some more.
As we’re not used to this kind of thing happening to us the heath service was rang and they suggested getting an appointment for the NHS GP out of hours services. Luckily there was one within 30 minutes so we got ready and K rally drove me there.
Although by the time we got there my face was nearly back to normal. But we saw the Dr anyway and I showed him the picture of my big red face on my phone.
We mentioned prawns to him and he said that they were a high contender for what I had. Possibly a (really) bad prawn had affected my system and sent in into bubbleface mode.

It was bedtime by then and I didn’t get much sleep the night before so was thankfully in noddyland within 30 minutes. All I need to do now is flush the bad prawn out of my system and not eat anymore for at least a few months.

If it stays with me I’m wondering what superpowers Prawnman might have. Holding my breath underwater might be handy but I’m not sure about the special smell power :o
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