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The Union / The Answer


The Union is Thunder guitarist Luke Morley and his mate ex-Winterville vocalist Peter Shoulder. Their hour had great vocals with a deep soulful tone wrapped in nice riffs and a good feeling.

(1) Watch The River Flow
(2) Black Gold
(2) Blame It On Tupelo
(1) Saviour
(1) Step Up To The Plate
(2) Obsession
(2) The Remedy
(2) Cut The Line
(1) Easy Street
(1) Black Monday
(2) Siren's Song

Irish band The Answer also did an hour and were a bit louder and more energetic than The Union which at times brought them above the previous band, but then a few songs seemed to dip lower and not hold the attention as much. But they were still great, mostly down to the great voice of Cormac.

Set list
(3) New Day Rising
(1) Under The Sky
(3) Vida (I Want You)
(3) Faith Gone Down
(1)Come Follow Me
(3) Trouble
(3) Nowhere Freeway
(1) Preachin'
(3) Tornado
(2) Too Far Gone
(3) One More Revival
(3) Waste Your Tears
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