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A honeymoon, a continuous high from the wedding (more about that later, sometime..), and thudding back down to earth with work and plan making.

Best album of recent times
Aeon Zen - The Face Of The Unknown (2010) - Rich Hinks with guest vocalists Jem (Frost) Godfy, Michael (Circus Maximus) Erikson, Nick (Spock’s Beard) D’Virgillio.
Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011) – The diversity makes this a good Coop album for me.
H.E.A.T. – Address The Nation (2012) – I wasn’t sure at forst, but it’s grown on me.
Seasick Steve - You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks (2011)

Arena – The Seventh Degree of Separation (2011) - A 6 year break has given this British neo-progressive rock band a great sounding 7th album. Loving the vocals of new guy Paul Manzi.

Best album from ages past
Little Ceasar – This Time It’s Different (1998)
Gram Parsons – Grievous Angel (1974)
Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time (2009)
Carrie Underwood – Play On (2009)
Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothin And I Still Got Most Of It Left (2008)

Best best of album
Brad Paisley – Hits Alive
Alan Jackson – 34 Number Ones - I’m still working my way though dozens of country mp3 albums given to me.

Gig of the Month
Nathan Burton Comedy Magic (@ Flamingo)
Circus De Soleil O (@ Bellagio, Las Vegas – An aquatic masterpiece of surrealism and theatrical romance)
Steel Panther @ The House Of Blues, Madalay Bay, Las Vegas

Cinema film of the Month
The Cabin In The Woods - A film explaining why that if all other horror films were real the reason why it was those monsters attacking those people in those locations. A very Joss (Whedon) film, could have easily fit into an later series of Angel.
Marvel's Avengers Assemble - I wasn’t sure what direction it was going to take in some places but Joss Whedon and all involved pulled it out of the hat. Good screen time for everyone and an oddly funny role for Mr Hulk.

Film on TV
Johnny English Reborn
Yogi Bear
Seven Pounds - The tale is all pretty much laid out from the beginning (although there was one slight twist, but I enjoyed Will Smith.
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button - Fincher + Pitt = somethign special. I’d heard some bad things about it, but I liked it,

Best DVD bought
Captain America

Top purchase
Wifi bridge - To attach to my Sky box so I can get 'Sky Anytime +' to download loads more telly I have no time for.
Acer 5733Z Laptop (Intel Intel Pentium, 4GB, 640GB, 15.6" Display) Grey - The power of net is slowly returning to the downstairs.

May has a bank holiday, birthday party and DIY (probably done by someone else) :o
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