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Rabbit proof shed


Kel said it was about time that we reclaimed the living room for ourselves and got somewhere out in the garden for the rabbits to live in. A hutch and run maybe... no, a massive shed :o

We found a good one 6 foot square with windows and lockable hatch door and organised a delivery date. The men who were to put the shed up brought it round early one Friday morning. But when looking through what they had it seemed that the windows on either side of the shed were ones that did not open.
The sales guy said something about us not specifying that (Kel sorted it so I’m not sure what was presumed), but Kel rang and they agreed to bring 1 side that did open (as furry critters like to have ventilation) .
So they said they would come back that evening about 6pm with it. It was about 7 when they turned up but they did a good job of it.

The next day the in-shed hutch turned up. They guys making that had done a good job but disaster struck when they said they couldn’t turn it round in the shed (so the front of the hutch would be facing the door).
I found this odd as I had done some measurements for 2 foot by 5 foot to get the turning circle:

24sq+60sq=diaganal angle sq
576+3600=4176 square root = 65 inches = 5’5 and the shed was about 5’6 wide internally
When measured it was an additional inch each side, so (and I’m really only doing this for my fun)
625+3721=4346 = 66 = 5”6
So after they left I said let’s have a go and sure enough we got it round. Not too much bother really too. I was a hero :)

But then we had to attach the ramp. They gave us a couple of L shaped brackets and we thought it would be something simple to do. But no. Ourselves and the neighbours had a look and couldn’t figure it out. So we rang them to come back later that day and show us how (or even do it themselves). Turned out we needed to bend the brackets into a weird shape to fit the contours of the ramp :o

So then there it was, we let the buns have a look around it in the day and locked them in at night.
All was fine until Kel decided to see how they were doing at about midnight.
Her spooky face peering in through the window scared the life out of Dio (the brown one) who started thumping his foot in distress. This brought the neighbours out to have a look too (not to complain, but more worried there might be a fox or something trying to get in).
Dio had some treats to calm him down and we all went indoors and didn’t hear another peep.

The following days had us trying to get them (and us) into a routine so they would come into the shed (through the open main door) when treats were presented. There were a few moments we had to herd them but they got better as the days went on.
Now they seemed to have picked their favourite spots in the hutch.
Dio likes the dark corner, Roxy likes to peek out of the bars.

We weren’t going to use the rabbit flap in the shed until we had a secure run for them to their outdoor hutch. But I did see how they might cope and true to form Roxy figured it out and went in and out a couple of times. Dio just scratched his paws and at it and gave up, preferring to sit in the corner. But over the weeks we tried again and it looks like cleverbun explained it to him as they seem to be going in and out of it occasionally.

So there you have it, too many words about a shed, hutch and the Bunny Bagshaws :)
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