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Quee stree partee

Nearly caught up now with the world now.
What’s next?
The Sweden Rock Festival
No, actually it’s the street party.

For the Queens Diamond jubilee a few of the senior residents on our street started to organise a street party, just like back in 1981 for the royal wedding.
They got permission for the road to be closed off for most of the day and collected money from those attending to pay for bunting, cups, plates, cake baking contest prizes and who knows what else.
Those with tables and gazebos we’re out early Sunday morning setting them up while others made their food contributions. When the lady came round to ask what our household wanted to do Kel replied with crisps and nuts. But I couldn’t risk their not being any of my party food their so I shouted downstairs CHICKEN NUGGETS.
So all was set, it was to be a great people meeting neighbourhood experience which nothing could stop, although something did try to.
It rained, it rained pretty much all day. This put a slight dampener on thing (literally with some sandwiches) but with rain macs on most of us carried on making the best out of the situation.
I didn’t get to meet as many people as hoped (partly to see if any of them were painters, decorators, carpenters, rabbit lovers), and I didn’t get on the telly (there was about 20 seconds of footage on the local news) but it was still a lovely day.
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