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The Sweden Rock Festival (and the journey to it)

MONDAY 4th June

A flight direct to Malmo Sweden where Kel & I caught a bus into the main town dropped our bags in a nice hotel and went a wandering.
There wasn’t a great deal to see as there’s plenty of construction going on, but I did enjoy the trip to the supermarket for an ice cream and seeing the twisted building named ‘The Turning Torso’ .
Apart from the buildings and a walk along the coast with views of Denmark & The Øresund Bridge there wasn’t a whole lot else to look at. We caught a bus back to the centre (free as we didn’t have a Swedish phone SMS bus code or bus pass used there), wandered round a bit more until we finally settled in an outdoor area of a bar with an expensive pint and free use of a blanket provided to keep us warm.

I realised I forgot to visit Malmo Castle the day before. Kel wasn’t interested so I went by myself. What I thought was going to be a quick visit to a tiny run down mini moated fortress turned into an hour + stroll round a museum containing stuffed beasties, live jungle and sea creatures, fossils and dinosaurs, Viking displays, art, 50s fashion, Swedish royal items and various other random things.

I quick walked back in time for kickout o’clock and walked over the road to the train station to get the train to Sölvesborg.

We got settled in the hotel and waiting for my 2 mates to turn up so we could reminisce about the previous 9 Sweden Rock Festivals we’ve shared and get ready for number 10.
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