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IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC – Good straightforward rock
10CC – I only got about 3 songs as they clashed with something I wanted to see more. But they sounded good, and they’re coming to my home town soon anyway.
LITTLE ANGELS – About 18 years apart and now back together. I loved every minute watching and listening to Toby and the guys from the front row.
DANKO JONES – Sit down time
SAINT VITUS – Old guys rock
NIGHT RANGER – 90 minutes of great anthem rock music. One of the highlights. There was a nice treat at the end when Dee Snider joined them for Rock In America. I loved the Damn Yankees songs they threw in too.
RIVAL SONS - I only saw a bit of the Led Zep influenced band but they were good.
STEEL PANTHER – 90 minutes of cheeky banter, songs about rude things, and girls on stage showing their under orbs.
MASTODON – Some of the music from this heavy band sounded ok, but they didn’t seem to have taken their happy pills as they told the audience to stop posing and that they sucked.
VULKAN - Prog rock (or Prock) with a Mars Volta influence.
SEBASTIAN BACH – Hard rock done well. Some choice tunes from his Skid Row days and good new ones. A nice treat at the end when Dee Snider joined him for Twisted Sister classic We're Not Gonna Take It and Skid Rows Youth Gone Wild.
SOUNDGARDEN – A stayed for about an hour. I enjoyed most of the music but walked around the field for most of it as my legs needed to move and the band weren’t really the running around posing kind.


Lay It On Me
Sing Me Away
Seven Wishes
Coming of Age (Damn Yankees cover)
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Growing Up in California
The Secret of My Success
Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight
High Enough (Damn Yankees cover)
Touch of Madness
When You Close Your Eyes
Rock In America (with Dee Snider)
Sister Christian
Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Supersonic Sex Machine
Tomorrow Night
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Asian Hooker
Just Like Tiger Woods
Gold-Digging Whore
Turn Out the Lights
Community Property
Eyes of a Panther .Girl From Oklahoma
Party All Day (Fuck All Night) (Girls on stage)
It Won't Suck Itself
Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
Girls in a Row
Death to All but Metal

Slave to the Grind (Skid Row song)
Kicking & Screaming
Dirty Power
Here I Am (Skid Row song)
Big Guns (Skid Row song)
(Love Is) A Bitchslap
Stuck Inside
Piece of Me (Skid Row song)
18 and Life (Skid Row song)
American Metalhead
As Long as I Got the Music
Monkey Business (Skid Row song)
My Own Worst Enemy
I'm Alive
I Remember You (Skid Row song)
We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister cover) (with Dee Snider)
Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row song) (with Dee Snider) (Included Bach singing "Små Grodorna")
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