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Saturday 23rd June
Mrs Browns Boys is a sitcom on BBC1 which is written by and stars
Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs Brown (Brendan in drag of course) and most of his family as many of the other characters, them not all being boys as such, in fct his wife plays his daughter.

The TV series is quite old fashioned humour but with plenty of cussing and naughty crudeness now and then.

But sometimes he also tours the show as a theatre production, and it’s gotten so popular that it did a series of runs at Nottingham Arena and we were there to witness the cast perform in from of the biggest live audience they’ve had.

The set was just the living room and kitchen (sometimes in the series they also use the pub) and was mainly a reworking of a TV episode where her children (all grown up ones) want to put the dog in a home and Mrs Brown overhears and incorrectly thinks they want to get rid of her.

The only things that let it down were occasionally not being able to hear fully what was being said (don’t know if the strong Irish accents contributed to that) and that the storyline was already known. But the extra bits (including a pube waxing scene) and adlibs by Brendan (often diverting form the script to make her cast members and then the audience crease up) made up for it.
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