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Friday 6th
Support came from Mim Grey and her band. Mellow songs, a little bit country a little bit pop.

There were no big video screens but K & I were only 2 blocks away from the stage on row E so had a good enough view of Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson and the rest of the band who made up Roxette for this tour.

The set list spanned 24 years but about a third came from 1991’s Joyride album, a fifth from 1988’s Look Sharp and most of the rest from mid to late 90s before Marie’s illness put the band on hold.

I was told that Marie couldn’t quite hit the really high notes and move around the stage as she could decades ago, but for a woman in her 50s who survived a brain tumor which left her blind in 1 eye she’s an inspiration. She can still get into those skinny leather trousers though.

The songs sounded good enough to me and the band performed well with a lot of energy, especially the other guitarist who I thought looked like Thor (but doesn’t every Swede).

They didn’t sell out the Birmingham Arena (maybe 2/3rds available with plenty of spaces left in the upper blocks) but I think that made it a little nicer, the atmosphere, especially when the crowd were singing while the band remained silent. If Per & Marie come back again soon I might just go again if available.
With the main pairs emotional exit from the stage after an acoustic ‘Church of Your Heart’ I think they would be happy to return.

Set list
(1988) Dressed for Success
(1994) Sleeping in My Car
(1991) The Big L.
(1991) Spending My Time
(1999) Stars
(2011) She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
(1991) Perfect Day
(1991) Things Will Never Be the Same
(1992) It Must Have Been Love
(2003) Opportunity Nox
(1999) 7Twenty7
(1991) Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
(1994) Crash! Boom! Bang!
(1992) How Do You Do!
(1988) Dangerous
(1991) Joyride
(1988) Listen to Your Heart
(1988) The Look
(1991) Church of Your Heart
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