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A month of family and holidays.

Best album of recent times
Affector - Harmagedon (2012) - International band including vocalist Ted Leonard (Enchant, Thought Chamber, Spock's Beard). Drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse/Dilemma). Bass player Mike LePond (Symphony X) And 4 special keyboard guets: Alex Argento, Neal Morse Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherinian.
Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls (2012)
Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA (2012)
Stan Bush Dream - The Dream (2010)
Newton Faulkner - Write It On Your Skin (2012)
Houston – Relaunch 2011
Lionville - Lionville (2011)
Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two 2011
Royal Hunt - Show Me How to Live 2012
Wig Wam - Wall Street (2012)

Loving the latest from Newton Faulkner, Houston, Lionville and super loving the following:
Affector - Harmagedon (2012)
Royal Hunt - Show Me How to Live (2012) – Great to have vocalist DC Cooper back.
Stan Bush - Dream The Dream (2010) – Including a reworking of The Touch (originally on The3 Transformers The Animated Movie soundtrack).
Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt Two (2011) - There might be more better songs on some of the other faves but this is a more interesting whole experience, there’s some weirdly beautiful stuff on there.

Best album from ages past
Cry of Love - Brother (1992)
The Firm - The Firm (1985) / Mean Business (1986)
Johnny Lima - Version 1.2 (2005)
Little Ceasar - Little Ceasar 1990

Cry of Love - Brother (1992)

Gig of the Month
Frankie Boyle

Cinema film of the Month
The Watch – A bit dissapointming for who’s in it, a few good chuckle moments though.
The Bourne Legacy – Action packed.
The Expendables 2

Film on TV
The Change Up - Funny body-switch comedy

DVD watched
Tucker & Dale Vs Evil
Source Code
Another Earth
In Time
Horrible Bosses
The Grey
Red State
Underworld Awakenings
The Sitter

I enjoyed the old fashioned sci-fi of Source Code and In Time, the survival thrills of The Grey but Horrible Bosses had me chuckling.

Mickey Flanigan

Top purchase
Flights to Hungary

September has 3 days off work, 2 gigs, some BBQs and a spa day.
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