Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?

The Flower Kings

Sunday 23rd

For this gig I had to drive 60 miles to Holmfirth in Yorkshire. Not something I would do nowdays unless it was a special gig, and to me The Flower Kings are quite special.
It took 1.5 circles around the village centre and the knowledge of a local drunk for me to find the venue, or what I thought was the venue as when I went through the door I was body blocked by a young security man and informed that my gig was round the back down a jitty.

Once in I had plenty of time to settle in and catch the end of a long haired pianist paying in a proggy style and then a short break before the band started (I was actually walking around outside and heard the first notes of their 25 minute epic Numbers from their new album Banks Of Eden.
After that monster of a song they continued with a shorter piece from the same album before going a bit loopy with a 15 minute music only Drum & Bass & keyboard thing while animated images were projected onto the big backdrop.
Attached to the end of this music was the end highlight of Stardust We Are featuring the fabulous vocals of Hasse Fröberg.
Mellow piece What If God Is Alone followed before another of my fave songs Last Minute on Earth which went straight into straight into a snippet of In the Eyes of the World.
On album The Truth Will Set You Free is a 30 minute song, but they knocked it back to 20 minutes before concluding the almost 2 hour set with a couple of 7 minute songs Rising the Imperial & Paradox Hotel.

I’ve seen them play longer than this before but it was still a good innings and had some really nice moments.

Then I travelled home along dark foggy unlit windy roads in the rain. From the little I could see it looks like it might actually be a nice place to visit in the day and look for places that were used in the filming of long running wrinkly sitcom Last of The Summer Wine.

Set list
For the Love of Gold
Drum & Bass, band & keys / Stardust We Are
What If God Is Alone
Last Minute on Earth / In the Eyes of the World
The Truth Will Set You Free
Rising the Imperial
Paradox Hotel
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