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Saturday 29th

Blackie Lawless is celebrating 30 years of W.A.S.P. with a tour that mainly focuses on songs from the first 4 albums, especially W.A.S.P. and Last Command. It’s also 20 years since The Crimson Idol so there was a 25 minute section dedicated to songs from that too.

The members who played on those albums have long gone from Blackie’s band but the current guys are pretty good at performing the classic metal music.

The stage set up was also a little special as snippets from the videos of the songs played were shown on the 3 screens behind the band with Blackie center stage and raised a foot over the rest of the band.

They played for almost 2 hours and the almost full Rock \city crowd loved it. I especially liked the older stuff like On Your Knees, The Torture Never Stops, L.O.V.E. Machine, Wild Child, I Wanna Be Somebody and Blind In Texas.


Set list
On Your Knees
The Torture Never Stops
The Real Me
L.O.V.E. Machine
Wild Child
Hellion - I Don't Need No Doctor - Scream Until You Like It
Sleeping (in the Fire) / Forever Free
The Headless Children
I Wanna Be Somebody
The Titanic Overture
The Crimson Idol Medley (containing snippets of The … moreInvisible Boy, Arena of Pleasure, I Am One, & The Gypsy Meets The Boy)
The Idol
The Great Misconceptions of Me
Drum Solo
Chainsaw Charlie
Heaven's Hung In Black
Blind In Texas
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