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Holiday at Butlins, seeing my niece & nephew for the 1st time in about 6 years, a BBQ at mine for 11 of my family, a nice Spa and splash day, my new Dentist said come back in a year, attended a BBQ for an newly turned 18 year old (bro-in-law) and a couple of gigs. Quite an eventful month really.

Best album of recent times
Delain – We Are The Others 2012
The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden 2012
Gotthard - Homegrown: Alive In Lugano 2011
Jimi Jamison – Live At Firefest 2010
Keane - Strangeland 2012
Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth 2012
Work of Art - In Progress 2011

I’m liking Delain & Work of Art but I’m feeling a bit proggy so it’s The Flower Kings – Banks Of Eden (2112) complete with it’s 25 minute opening track.

Best album from ages past
Robin Beck - Do You Miss Me 2005
Danger - Danger - Cockroach 2001
Gotthard - Dial Hard 1994 / Home Run 2001 / Human Zoo 2003/ Lipservice 2005
Santers - Racing Time 1982 / Guitar Alley 1984
Stage Dolls - Get a Life 2004 / Soldier's Gun 1985
Ten – Spellbound 1999
Work of Art - Art Work 2008

Gotthard & Stage Dolls are excellent bands but I’m quite liking the slick production of Swedish AOR band Work of Art - Art Work (2008)

Best best of album
Stage Dolls - Stories We Could Tell

Gig of the Month
2 very different gigs so they both win.
The Flower Kings

Cinema film of the Month
Total Recall didn’t have an mutants or Mars in it
The Sweeney was a bit of a lwet down for me
Dredd had some ace slow motion people being shot through the cheek (face) shots.

Film on TV
Panic Button was an interesting UK made Saw without the gore on a plane
Frozen was an interesting 3Amican students being trapped on a skilift chiller
Killer Elite was enjoyable Statham action crime thiller.
Puss In Boots had dancing cats and a camp one that went meoooooooow.

Rewatched Film on TV
The Hangover Part 2 because Kel wanted to watch it for her birthday.

Best DVD bought
Jimi Jamison – Live At Firefest 2010
The Avengers Assemble

Top purchase
JML Super Slicer slices things
Braun Series 3-380 Wet & Dry Shaver doesn’t slice things (like my old shave was trying to do to my neck)

October has 1.5 days off work, 3 normal gigs and 1 weekend mega gig.
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