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Saturday 6th

It was another Saturday night in Rock City, this time for long running San Francisco rockers Y & T.
We learnt our lesson from last time and got there early as they like to play for a good portion of time and Saturday was no exception with over 2 hours of classic 80s rock tunes.
I didn’t know all the songs but they were all delivered well. Of course the real corkers were the absolute classics like Dirty Girl, Mean Streak, Midnight in Tokyo, Forever, Rescue Me. Although I do thing new song Blind Patriot should enter their play every time list now too.

Great rockin’ stuff

Set list (might not be 100% accurate)

82BT Black Tiger
90T Hard Times
81ES Dirty Girl
84IRWT Rock & Roll's Gonna Save the World
83MS Mean Streak
87C Rhythm or Not
83MS Midnight in Tokyo
81ES Earthshaker
10FM Shine On
10FM Blind Patriot
82BT Winds of Change
10FM Don't Bring Me Down
10FM I'm Coming Home
87C I'll Cry for You
82BT Hurricane
97EN Gimme the Beat
81ES Squeeze
81ES I Believe in You
85OF Forever
81ES Rescue Me
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