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FIREFEST DAY 1 - Lionville, Dante Fox, Ten, Tyketto

Friday 19th
The annual festival of melodic rock came back to Rock City Nottingham again and we were both looking forward to it this year as always.
As most people were leaving work we and a thousand or more others from all over the world headed into the sticky floored venue for a few hours of rock.
First up were Lionville from Sweden or Italy. Good tunes and great vocals which were to return in another band the next day.
It’s been a while since the last time I saw female fronted UK band Dante Fox and they didn’t disappoint, although the sound did seem a little loud at times.
It’s been even longer since I’ve seen Ten. Gary Hughes was in fine vocal form and his musicians were great especially the new guitarist who was concentrating so hard he never looked up.
Ever since they had such a good time at their reunion farewell gig Tyketto changed their mind and have been back a few times. Good job too as I for one still enjoy hearing the fine voice of Danny Vaughn.

Then it was back home for The Walking Dead :)
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