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FIREFEST DAY 2 - Work Of Art, Robin Beck, Mitch Malloy, Gotthard

Saturday 20th
We got the hotel in town after midday and were pleasantly surprised to be able to immediately check in.
30 minutes later we were just round the corner for a longer supply of melodic rock.
Johnny Lima was first up. Good melodic rock from the bandana’d enthuiastic American.
Work Of Art is a Swedish band featuring Lars Sarfsund who sang for Lionville the day before. He has a brilliant voice and Toto and Journey influence help create smooth catchy songs. I hope to see them again.
Most people will probably know at least one Robin Beck song, the one from the 80s used in a Cola advert. “Foor the very fiiirst tiiiiiiiime”. That one. She performed with her husband (House of Lords vocalist James Christian) on bass and backing vocals and friend to the rock stars Tommy Denander on guitar. All the songs sounded good, but that one we all know was the best. Not bad for a 57 year old bird ;)
Canadian trio Santers sounded great on record decades ago and I could still hear some of that in their live performance. But compared to what had come before it didn’t come up to scratch, so we went for a burger (and K for a nap afterwards).
I got back to see XYZ for the last 20 minutes. On record I liked them the least but they seemed a lot better live, but not so much that I was upset at missing anything.
Mitch Malloy nearly became the singer for Van Halen, just missing out to Gary Cherone. He has some great songs so I wanted to hear them, but I also needed to rest so I found a spot of floor and chilled out.
It was a very sad day when the rock community found out that Gotthard vocalist Steve Lee had died in an accident 2 years ago. But the Swiss band found a great singer in Nic Maeder and made their 10th album called Firebirth.
They played the Sweden Rock Festival in June but I didn’t see that much of them as I had the return Ugly Kid Joe to see and knew I would see them at Firefest.
While Nic will never be as great as Steve I though he did one hell of a job and their time was used well and entertained the international crowd.

Then we went for a curry. When I say we I mean k & I and about 40 other rockers from the festival (including Mitch Malloy) :)
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