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FIREFEST DAY 3 - Fiona, Royal Hunt, Lillian Axe, Stage Dolls, Danger Danger

Sunday 22nd
Last time we stayed at the hotel the buffet breakfast was about £7, but since they’ve been rebranded the price has gone down to £5. A bargain for all you can eat, I was careful though and stocked up on things my new diet allows.
By the time we had a lie in and a slow breakfast and relax it was time to head back to Rock City for the final day.
American band Far Cry sound good on record (of course I mean mp3 but I’m an old record man and haven’t changed my vocab) and were a good enough starter but lacked a little something special for me.
Fiona is a singer In the same vein as Robin Beck In fact she pretty much had the same band. Her songs were good but she did seem to be struggling with some of the vocals but was helped by a male backing singer. I still enjoyed it though.
Royal Hunt are one of my many favourite bands so I was looking forward to them, especially as they have with the marvelous vocalist that is DC Cooper. Unfortunately their set started 10+ minutes late and the festival has strict timings due to a night time curfew. But what we did get was brilliant. The sound including the 2 ladieee vocalists was great and my only disappointment was that they couldn’t play for another few hours. Band of the weekend for me.
Brighton Rock were next but we went for a packed lunch.
I returned for Lillian Axe, a band I like a lot on record and they were good live too. Possibly one of the heavier bands playing that weekend.
Stage Dolls are a trio from Norway and their Bryan Adams style rock always goes down a treat.
Danger Danger ended the night. A bit more of a party band than the others which was shown in the drinking and talking on stage, vocalist ted Poley doing a crowd walkabout during one song while still singing great. Then for the penultimate song Monkey Business having a couple of people in monkey outfits on stage and Mitch Mitchell 9until he had to dodge a banana thrown on the stage.
They ended with a whole gang joining in on Naughty Naughty including Robin, James, Tommy the XYZ fella and maybe more.
Festival organiser Kieran had the final word and was pleased with the whole event as was most likely every single person there.
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