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Saturday 27th

I had missed 10cc in Sweden due to seeing the reformed Little Angels. So I jumped at the chance to catch them at the Concert Hall in my own town.
Out of the original lineup only Graham Gouldman remains. He’s joined by Rick Fenn on guitar (who joined in 1977) and talented musicians including Mick Wilson who adds so much vocal talent to this lineup.

Before the full band came on the gig started with Graham, his voice and an acoustic guitar. Song by song he was joined by the others and their guitars and vocals as they went through songs he had written for others in the 60s (Yardbirds, Herman’s Hermits, Hollies) and a couple off his new album.

After the break we got the 10cc show. Every song was a classic and gave something a little different thanks to the 4 harmony vocals that could be utilized. Personal faves of mine include
The Second For The Last Supper, The Things We Do for Love, Good Morning Judge, I'm Mandy Fly Me, Life Is a Minestrone, Silly Love.

I forgot I like this live band as much as I do and thought this might be the last time I see them, but I think they’ve still got chance to do this a few more times to get me to their shows again. Brilliant!

Set list:
Heart Full of Soul
Bus Stop
No Milk Today
Look Through Any Window
For Your Love
Memory Lane

The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
The Wall Street Shuffle
The Things We Do for Love
Good Morning Judge
I'm Mandy Fly Me
Life Is a Minestrone
Art for Art's Sake
Silly Love
Feel the Benefit
Old Wild Men
The Dean and I
From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
I'm Not in Love
Dreadlock Holiday
Donna (Acapella)
Rubber Bullets
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