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Gigs, beer, work, big gigs and house improvement planning.

Best album of recent times
Fiona - Unbroken 2012
Headspace - I Am Anonymous (2012)
The Magnificent - The Magnificent (2011)
Y&T Facemelter 2010

The Magnificent Featuring Circus Maximus singer Michael Eriksen from Norway and Leverage producer/guitarist Torsti Spoof from Finland
Headspace - I Am Anonymous British progressive metal band featuring Adam Wakeman, Damian Wilson, Lee Pomeroy.

Best album from ages past
Fiona – Fiona 1985 Beyond the Pale 1986 Squeeze 1992
Lillian Axe Lillian Axe 1988 Poetic Justice 1992 Psychoschizophrenia93 Fields of Yesterday99 Waters Rising2007
John Mellencamp: 1982 American Fool / 1983 Uh-Huh / 1985 Scarecrow / 1987 The Lonesome Jubilee / 1991 Whenever We Wanted / 1993 Human Wheels / 1994 Dance Naked / 2003 Trouble No More / 2007 Freedom's Road / 2008 Life, Death, Love and Freedom/ 2010 No Better Than This
Mitch Malloy Shine (2000) Malloy '88 (2003)
Native Window – Native Window (2009) 2 Kansas without Steve Walsh
New England New England 1978
Tyketto -The Last Sunset: Farewell 2007
Lillian Axe, Native Window
New England New England

Best best of album
John Mellencamp - Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits 1978-2003

Gig of the Month
Y & T
FIREFEST (Lionville, Dante Fox, Ten, Tyketto, Work Of Art, Robin Beck, Gotthard, Fiona, Royal Hunt, Lillian Axe, Stage Dolls, Danger Danger )
Alice Cooper

Firefest was of course great with Ten, Work Of Art, Gotthard, Stage Dolls coming second to Royal Hunt and the return of the great vocalist DC Cooper.
But Alice Cooper was great entertainment in both music and production.

Cinema film of the Month
Resident Evil: Retribution
Taken 2
Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day wasn’t a movie as such but enjoyable to watch with the middle aged fellas.
I think Looper was the most enjoyable this time, although I did enjoy Taken 2.

Film on TV
Swinging With The Finkles and Jarhead were the only ones I watched and while they were ok neither of them are good enough for one of my awards

Top purchase
22 mm White Shower Head Slider Bracket means I don’t have to sit to have a shower.

November has 3 days off work, a massive 8 gig and Crimbo shopping.
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