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Romeo's Daughter

The 4 piece fronted by the lovely singer Leigh Matty are back again. They popped back 3 years ago for a one off appearance at Firefest then began work on their 3rd album which is a very nice piece of pop rock 9 years after their last one.
Raven haired Leigh and her fringe and the band were in fine form as they concentrated most of the first half on the new songs and the second on songs from the first album which is now 24 years old :o
An excellent near 90 minute set went down well with the small crowd in Rock City Basement room. It’s such a pity this band isn’t bigger as their songssound similar and surpass many which are around today.
I’m guessing we’ll get to see them again sometime next year (in fact I know it as they play a festival in April).

Set list:
Trippin Out
Velvet Tongue
Talking Love
Attracted to the Animal
Cannot Be The One
Don't Break my Heart
Stay With Me Tonight
Colour You A Smile
Inside Out
Cry Myself To Sleep at Night
Heaven in the Backseat
Will Be (acoustic)
Wild Child
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