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I’ve been wanting to see the levellers for some time but one thing or another always stopped me. But this time I was free so off I went.

By the time I arrived at Rock City it was almost full of hippies and students so I settled down near the back and waited for the bar mob to clear before getting a diet coke.

Based on other show setlists I thought they would start with one of my fave levellers songs but I got something else. But then they kicked in with Beautiful Day before going off track again.
I didn’t know a fair load of the songs played but they have Celtic influence about them (party thanks to the violin) make makes you want to do a little jig.
Other great tunes were The Game, Fifteen Years, One Way, Carry Me and Far From Home. They ended over 90 minutes of lively tunes with Liberty Song and some mandoliny banjoy everyone in the support band on stage tune.

The addition of a accordion player now and then and the glow in the dark didgeridoo player added nicely to a pleasant gig.
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