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The last time I saw Europe it’s possible the venue wasn’t right, or where I was standing in the venue didn’t get the right sound.
But last night at Rock City proved to me that the band still has the talent to entertain.
They drew on nearly 30 years of material for almost 2 hours of tunes with half of them coming from the last 2 albums, 2/3 of which were from their new album Bag Of Bones which I preferred live to the tracks on the album.

An excellent rock and roll gig by a band who people think are cheesy but the facts are the only cheesy song is that do do do doooo one and it’s brilliant :)

Set list
Riches to Rags
Not Supposed to Sing the Blues
Scream of Anger
No Stone Unturned
New Love in Town
Demon Head

Acoustic set
The World Keep on Turning (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Drink and a Smile
Open Your Heart

Girl From Lebanon
Love Is Not the Enemy
Sign of the Times
The Beast
Rock the Night (Including snippets of 'Run to the Hills' and 'Another One Bites the Dust')
Last Look at Eden
The Final Countdown
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