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Keane aren’t the type of band some think I would like. But I do.I find their piano based pop quite pleasant and think Tom Chaplin has a great voice. They are also good live, enough for this to be my second viewing of them at Nottingham Arena.
This time play played in the round with a keyboard/pianoy instrument in each of the corners and a drumkit that would revolve to a different angle every so often. That left the vocalist and bassist to run around where they wanted or sometimes to occupy one of the unmanned musical corners.
Being in the round made the lighting quite impressive to as the beams shone from every single angle.
A jolly nice gig :)

You Are Young
Bend and Break
On the Road
We Might as Well Be Strangers
Nothing in My Way
The Lovers Are Losing
Silenced by the Night
Everybody's Changing
Hamburg Song
Neon River
She Has No Time
A Bad Dream
Leaving So Soon?
Can't Stop Now (Acoustic)
The Starting Line (Acoustic)
Is It Any Wonder?
This Is the Last Time
Somewhere Only We Know
Sea Fog
Sovereign Light Café
Crystal Ball
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