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Alanis Morrisette

9 years ago Athlete were tipped for success which they briefly got but never quite got back in the public eye again.
Their half an hour was pleasant and it was nice to hear again songs like El Salvador, You Got The Style and Wires

But we were mainly at Nottingham Arena to see the brilliant Alanis Morrisette.
I had never seen her perform live so was looking forward to it.
She had a 5-piece band who were quite lively and played well. Not as polished as the production of the albums, but good for the live sound.
Half the set was dedicated to the Jagged Little Pill album with another good heap from her latest offering Havoc and Bright Lights, both giving some of the best tunes of the night like Woman Down, Guardian, Havoc from the newie and the classics All I Really Want, You Learn, Right Through You, Ironic, Head Over Feet, You Oughta Know.

The encore had the band going acoustic with Hand in My Pocket. Heart of the House and Your House and finishing with Thank U.
Thank you Alanis for a cool gig.

Set list
I Remain (Part 1)
Woman Down
All I Really Want
You Learn
Right Through You
So Pure
Head Over Feet
I Remain (Part 2)
??Not sure, something quite heavy??
You Oughta Know
Hand in My Pocket (acoustic)
Heart of the House (acoustic)
Your House (acoustic)
Thank U
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