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Little Angels

Support band Skin were as good as ever. Mike on fine guitaring form and Neville’s voice as strong as ever. For a band that has disbanded twice they sure do seem to pop up at a lot of gigs.
I missed the first couple of songs (probably Money & something else) but caught the rest from the back:

House Of Love
Shine Your Light
Tower Of Strength
Take Me Down To The River
Perfect Day
Look But Don't Touch

Before this year the last time I saw Little Angels live was in 1992, now I’ve seen them twice in the last 6 months.

I enjoyed them as much as I did in Sweden and enjoyed the few extra songs played that I didn’t get there (My Kinda Life, Soapbox, Kids Wanna Rock ).

My only gripes are as follows-
I couldn’t see as well as in Sweden (but then I was on the front row there) so missed out on some of Bruce’s guitar faces and little dances.
The cheeky funny trumpet player wasn’t there (not that I would have been able to see him anyway).

But the atmosphere was good and I really enjoyed singing along to the songs I loved as a teenager.

The guys got back together after the funeral of an ex-band member and named this mini tour One more for the road. I can only hope that they make it Two more or more more.

She's A Little Angel
Kickin' Up Dust
Radical Your Lover
The Way That I Live
Back Door Man
)My Kinda Life
Don't Prey For Me
I Was Not Wrong
Too Much Too Young
Young Gods
I Ain't Gonna Cry
Kids Wanna Rock (Bryan Adams cover) with a little bit of Whole Lotta Rosie thrown in for fun)

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