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Yes I’m still here aliens of the future who may or may not read this.
Now is the time for the gears to shift a little bit more in this world where moments of our online lives are more instant and throwaway on Facebook.
Also as I get older things have gotten a little less exciting. That’s not to say I don’t have fun and many interesting moments to me, it’s more they don’t hold as much significance for me to share unless it’s a photo, which is an element of Facebook which does seem more accessible than the words.

Also with me being 38 years old I quite like just sitting down watching telly, reading or chatting to my wife and resting from work which is getting more intense lately.

But every month I will produce my lists and who knows every so often I might have the incline and time to throw in a rhyme about something worth a dime :)

So now let’s commence:

Started out mellow and then got a bit cold and snowy near the end before hitting a high with a birthday gathering.

Best album of recent times
Jeff Lynne - Long Wave (2012)
Needtobreathe - The Reckoning - (2011)
Trevor Rabin– Jacaranda (2012)
Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix (2012)

Asia - XXX (2012)
Kamelot - Silverthorn (2012) the first album to feature Tommy Karevik on vocals
Megadeth - Th1rt3en (2011)
Phenomena - Awakening (2012)
Sylvan – Sceneries (2012) (2 CD) 2 15-minute songs and 3 20-minute songs from the German proggers

Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Lost In The New Real (2012)
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock To The Land (2012)
Saga - 20/20 (2012)

Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made (2012)
Muse – The 2nd Law (2012)
Mystery - The World Is A Game (2012)

Rush – Clockwork Angels (2012)

Best album from ages past
Avantasia - Angel Of Babylon (2010)
Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony (2010)
Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky (2010)
The Cross - Shove It (1988) / Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know (1990) / Blue Rock (1991) (Roger (Queen) Taylor project)
Ginger – Yoni (2007)
Ginger – Market Harbour (2008) – Solo albums from The Wildhearts vocalist/guitarist

The Cross albums are great as are Avantasia
Mystery – One Among The Living (2010) has prog elements and features Ex-Yes vocalist Benoit David on vocals.

Best best of album
Barry Manilow - Ultimate Manilow (1973-1985) I was only after one song but decided to get the whole album and actually love it.

Gig of the Month
Danny & Ben from Thunder - 14th Jan @ Rescue Rooms. A nice evening of acoustic tunes and fun banter.

Cinema film of the Month
Django Unchained - Funny, violent and very Tarentino.

Film on TV
Safe House
You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

The Debt was a good thriller
Wanderlust - Paul Rudd & Jennifer Aniston in city people join a hippy commune comedy. A lot better than its 5.6/10 imdb score I thought.

DVD watched
Dark Shadows

Top purchase
Trainers (to walk around in)

Tupperware box (to put my dinner in)

February has 2 days off work, 4 gigs, a spa day, 2 restaurant visits, a weekend holiday and being back on the diet :o
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