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Spa day, scattering of gigs, mini cottage family holiday in Whitby, being cold.

I’ve gone through a lot this month. I’m wondering if I should limit myself to 10(ish) albums a month and listen to my existing few 1000’s of albums instead.

Best album of recent times
Robin Beck - The Great Escape (2011)
Dante Fox - Lost Man's Ground (2012)
Heart - Fanatic (2012)
Madness - Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da (2012)
Phantom Limb – The Pines (2012)
Pink - The Truth About Love (2012)
Royal Republic - We Are The Royal (2010)
The Union – The World Is Yours (2013)
ZZ Top - La Futura (2012)

Great ones:
Docker's Guild - The Mystic Techocracy (Season 1) (2012)
Grand Illusion - Prince of Paupers (2011) CD
Hitchcock Toby - Mercury Down (2011) CD
Landmarq - Entertaining Angels (2012) CD
Presto Ballet - Invisible Places (2011) CD
Presto Ballet - Love What You've Done With The Place (2011) (EP- A 40 minute one though)
The Prog Collective (2012) CD featuring John Wetton, Tony Levin, Geoff Downes, Alan Parson, Chris Squire, Annie Haslam, Peter Banks, Billy Sherwood, Tony Kaye, Rick Wakeman.
Billy Sherwood - Oneirology (2010)
Rick Wakeman – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (2012) re-recorded collector’s edition CD

And the winner is... well the name The Prog Collective sounds like a winner and it is good. It’s more of a Billy Sherwood album with guest stars, but luckily I like most things Billy does.
There’s some I could change my mind over and bring to the end of year awards but for now I’ll have Presto Ballet - Invisible Places (2011) CD

Also a special mention for the 10 hour long Dr Who Audio Adventures

Best album from ages past
Phantom Limb - Phantom Limb (2008)
Slick, Grace Slick - Software (1984)
Slick, Grace Slick – Dreams (1980)
Slick, Grace Slick – Manhole (1974)
John Wetton – Caught In The Crossfire (1980)

John Wetton & Geoffrey Downes - Icon3 (2009)

Gig of the Month
Circus Of Horrors @ Concert Hall 14th Feb

Australian Pink Floyd @ Nottingham Arena 15th Feb
The Union @ Rescue Rooms 19th Feb
Slash @ Nottingham Arena 28th Feb

Cinema film of the Month
A Good Day To Die Hard

Film on TV
Dream House
The Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists
Black Death

Top purchase
Hair brush for hair
Spoons for eating

March has 2 days off work, 7 gigs and decorating the master bedroom.
Tags: eom
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