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Announced the healthy scan of my first child, went on a cruise :)

Best album of recent times / ages past / best of
I challenged myself to not listen to any new music this month. I mainly listened to ALL albums I own by Yes, Rush and Rod Stewart.

Gig of the Month
Sound Of Contact / Beardfish / Spock's Beard @ Sheffield Corporation Fri 3 May
Lordi @ Rock City Sat 11 May
Thunder / Whitesnake / Journey @ Notts Arena Sat 25 May
Rush @ Birmingham Arena Sun 26 May
Rush @ Sheffield Arena Tue 28 May

Lordi had a great sound & look great in their Monsterness
Thunder / Whitesnake sounded great doing what they always do best.
Rush were brilliant but I preferred the song choices of the last tour (all of ‘Moving Pictures’) compared with this one (a lot of ‘Clockwork Angels’) but saying that they did do it bloody well.

Due to the new experiences of never heard before bands and the headliners having a new singer doing songs off their new album the winner is Sound Of Contact / Beardfish / Spock's Beard

Cinema film of the Month
Iron Man 3
Star Trek: Into Darkness - A special treat from characters quoting lines from my fave Star Trek film.
The Hangover III

Film on TV
Moonrise Kingdom
Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
This Means War
Storage 24
The Raven
The Devil's Business
A Fantastic Fear Of Everything

Ted, especially the bit with Sam (Flash Gordon) Jones

Book read
The Rough Guide To Pregnancy and Birth by Kaz Cooke

Top purchase
Spice rack
Baby scan picture
Norway Viking bottle opener
Norway Viking mug mats
Norway Moose cushion

It was actually free but the Baby scan picture is quite special, but then again so is the Spice rack.

June has 2 days off work, 1 gig a baptism and another scan
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