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Visitations from the niece, first tooth fillings, Birthday celebrations, the house being filled up with baby items, harry potter studio visit, tortoise sitting, Baggy baby gender announcement.

Best album of recent times
Jon Anderson — Survival & other Stories (2011) CD
Adrenalin Mob - Coverta EP (2013)
At Vance - Facing Your Enemy (2012)
Avantasia - The Mystery Of Time (2013)
Hasse Froberg & The Musical Companion - Powerplay (2012)
The Fusion Syndicate – The Fusion Syndicate (2013)
Kiss – Monster (2012)
Rod Stewart – Time (2013)
Jack White – Blunderbuss (2012)

A nice album from Jon Anderson, a rockin’ one from At Vance.
There’s something I really like about Hasse Froberg & The Musical Companion - Powerplay (2012) featuring the vocals of Hasse from The Flower Kings. Still a bit proggy but less flowery than his main band.
But just taking the lead is Jack White – Blunderbuss (2012). Perhaps not as musically colourful as Hasse but with something enjoyable about it.

Best album from ages past
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Night Castle (2009)

Gig of the Month
Rod Stewart was fun but
Wraith / Snakecharmer / Bonfire</b> was more rocky. Especially Snakecharmer featuring ex-Whitesnake memebers.

Cinema film of the Month
Man Of Steel
World War Z
I enjoyed them both, a draw.

Film on TV
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Valhalla Rising
The Wedding Video
Dr Seuss' The Lorax
Paranormal Activity 4

Premium Rush - Joseph Gordon-Levitt in New York bycicle corridor has something bad guy wants thriller.

Book read
From Lad To Dad by Stephen Giles

Top purchase
Xtreme Pushchair Travel System – Giraffe (aka Transforming Push chair)
Tooth fillings
Iron Maiden Trooper Beer
Blue Moon beer (orange peel & cinnamon)
Visit to Warner Bros Studio Tour: Harry Potter

July has 7 days off work, no gigs but a holiday to Kufstein, Austria and Munich, Germany.

Oh and IT’S A BOY!
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