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House warming, removal of big computer room desk, crazy golf inca style, visits to us, visits from us, mini BBQ, construction of nursery equipment, birthday food.

Best album of recent times
FM - Rockville II (2013)
Heaven & Earth - Dig (2013)
Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell (2013)
Kaipa – Vittjar (2012)
Clive Nolan - Alchemy (2013)
CD Pride Of Lions – Immortal (2012) CD
The Quireboys, The – Beautiful Curse (2013)
Unitopoia – Covered Mirror, Volume 1 Smooth as Silk (2012)
Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning (2011)

Austrilian band Unitopoia doing covers is a lovely thing to behold. This one features gentle songs like Calling Occupants of Interplanetery Craft, Easter (Marillion), Genesis Medley, Rain Song (Led Zep), Even in The Quietest Moments (Supertramp), Yes Medley. Some even feature a didgeridoo. There’s also a brilliant tune called Man Of Colours from a band called Icehouse who I will definitely be checking out.
Kaipa – Vittjar (2012) – Great prog from this Swedish band active from 1973 to 1982, then reformed in 2000 with the brilliant Patrik Lundström from Ritual on vocals.

Best album from ages past
Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman - Living Tree (2010) CD
Baton Rouge - Shake Your Soul (1990) / Lights out on the Playground (1991) / Baton Rouge (1997)
Heaven’s Edge - Heaven’s Edge (1990)
Arjen A. Lucassen's Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age (2010)
Nation - Without Remorse (1995)
Prophet – Prophet (1985) / Cycle of the Moon (1988)
Shooting Star - It's Not Over (1980) / Silent Scream (1985) / Leap of Faith (2000)
Soundtrack - Days of Thunder
Spin Doctors –Turn It Upside Down (1994)
Spin Doctors – You’ve Got To Believe In Something (1996)
Spin Doctors – Here Comes The Bride (1999)
Trixter – Trixter (1990) / Hear! (1992) / Undercovers (1994)
Unitopia - Artificial (2010)
Various Artists: Wonderous - A Tribute to Yes

Arjen A. Lucassen's Star One has his usual good standards. A nice concept of 4 vocalists singing around each other on songs influenced from dystopian or post-apocalyptic movies.
Unitopia – Artificial (2010) – 3rd album from the Ozzie proggers. Lovely songs spanning different progressive styles. Favourite song ‘Rule Of 3's’ a love song to the number 3.

Gig of the Month
There was no gig :o

Cinema film of the Month
The Wolverine
Kick-Ass 2

I think I have to say that I enjoyed The Wolverine more.

Film on TV
The Campaign
Wrath Of The Titans
Dinner For Schmucks
Solomon Kane
Here Comes The Boom
Hotel Transylvania
Red Hill
The Town
The Mechanic
Jack Reacher

I must be in a comedy mood at home as I enjoyed Steve Carrel in Dinner For Schmucks, Kevin James in Here Comes The Boom and Will Ferrell in The Campaign

Top purchase
My 2 rounds of Inca themed crazy golf was fun but the front garden removed and turned into slate made us both happy (that we don’t have to do any gardening out there anymore)

September has 3 days off work, some visits from people, an all ay baby workshop, a wedding, and 1 gig
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