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Family get-togethers, Ben’s first infection and house improvement planning :o

Best album of recent times
Fish - A Feast Of Consequences (2013)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Last Of A Dyin’ Breed (2012)
Megadeth - Super Collider (2013)
Orianthi – Heaven in This Hell (2013)
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity (2012)
Royal Hunt - A Life to Die For (2013)
Billy Sherwood - Art Of Survival (2012)
Various - Sound City Real To Reel (2013)

The Royal Hunt album is very nice but Fish - A Feast Of Consequences (2013) is great, one of his best for me in recent releases.

Best album from ages past
Royal Hunt - The Watchers (2001)
Royal Hunt - Eyewitness (2003)
Sextus – Stranger Than Fiction (2008)
Sextus – Devil Angel (2010)

Sextus – Stranger Than Fiction (2008) - There’s something about Eric Dover’s tone (guitar & voice) that I like.
Special mention for Yes - The Studio Albums (1969-1987) - Re-masterered with bonus tracks: Some nice, some not really needed (eg, Owner Of A Lonely Heart extended mix) But £30 for 13 CDs in a nice box is pretty good going.

Gig of the Month
Royal Hunt @ Sheffield Corporation Thur 6 Mar
The Feeling @ Rock City Thur 13 Mar

Cinema film of the Month
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Film on TV
Jack The Giant Slayer
The Suspect
Mirror Mirror
The Host
The Purge

Deadfall Eric Bana & Oliver Wilde as criminals on the run in a wintery Canadianish town.

Best DVD bought
The Campaign (2012) – Actually a Mother’s day gift from Ben to his Mummy

Top purchase
Zombie Gnome for the front ‘garden’ slate pit.

April has about 2 hours off work, 2 gigs and home improvements :)
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