Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?


New garage roof and door, a couple of gigs with The Wife, fun with nieces and nephew, family get-togethers.

Best album of recent times
Magnum – Escape From The Shadow Garden (2014) CD
Maragold – Maragold (2013)
Stratovarius – Nemesis (2013)

Best album from ages past
Axxis - Access All Areas (1991)
Kick Axe - Vices (1984) / Welcome To The Club (1985)
Shy - Brave the Storm (1985) / Excess All Areas (1987) / Misspent Youth (1989) / Sunset and Vine (2005)
Ten – Stormwarning (2010)

Gig of the Month
FM / Europe / Foreigner @ Notts Concert Hall Mon 7t7h April
Magnum @ Rock City Mon 28 April

Cinema film of the Month
I did enjoy Amazing Spider-Man 2 but The Raid 2 had vicious 18-certificate kung-fu violence in it which I guess I was craving :o

Film on TV
Fast & Furious 6
Hammer Of The Gods
The Smurfs 2
Our Idiot Brother – (Paul Rudd)
Trance – (Interesting Danny Boyle thriller)

Top purchase
New garage roof and door

May has 4 days off work plus 2 bank holidays, a BBQ, 3 gigs, house/baby sitting, a meal out and some crazy golf :)
Tags: eom
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