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Night out with work, day out at soft play experience, village fete, looking after the boy while his mummy goes to Baby showers and hen doo, rabbit shed moving, BBQ.

Best album of recent times
Anderson Wakeman - The Living Tree In Concert Part One (2012)
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King (2013)
Eric Church - The Outsiders (2014)
William Topley - Feasting With Panthers (2002)

Ring Of Fire - Battle of Leningrad (2013) – With Mark Boals on Vocals & Tony MacAlpine on Guitar.

Best album from ages past
Autograph - Sign In Please (1984) / That's the Stuff1985 / Loud and Clear 1987 / Missing Pieces 1997 / Buzz 2003
C.I.T.A. - Heat of emotion 1996
Guild Of Ages - One 1998
Touch - II (1982)

Touch – Touch (1980) – featuring the song writing and keyboards of Mark Mangold

Best best of album
Prince – The Very Best Of (1982-91)

Gig of the Month
Rick Wakeman Friday 2 May @ Nottingham Concert Hall – Performing Journey To The Centre Of the Earth
Eagles Wednesday 28 May @ Birmingham Arena – Don Henley is brill & Joe Walsh rocks.

Yes Wednesday 2 May @ Sheffield City Hall – because it was interesting to see them with the new vocalist and performing the albums Close To The Edge, Going For The One & The Yes Album.

Cinema film of the Month
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Film on TV
The Lone Ranger
Pain & Gain
The Conjuring - Spooky ghosty possession stuff from James Wan

Top purchase
Cheap Blender
Magnetic Fridge whiteboard because Ben can make me forget that I need to buy more tin foil.
Fence to keep the rabbits in an even smaller location away from the main garden which will be for the children but don’t worry the buns still have their shed

June has 2 days off work, an anniversary party, a wedding, my first Father’s Day, a caravan (luxury) holiday and NO gigs :o
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