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50th anniversary doo, neighbours wedding (baby free), Daddy’s day, Thai food bday meal, caravan village holiday with the in-laws.

Best album of recent times
Robin Beck - Underneath (2013)
Houston - II (2013)
IQ - The Road of Bones (2014) - CD
Kings Of Leon – Mechanical Bull (2013)
Parmalee - Feels Like Carolina (2013)
Thomas Rhett - It Goes Like This (2013)
The Prog Collective – Epilogue (2013)

IQ - The Road of Bones (2014) – CD – Great UK neo-prog. Nice to see them back after 5 years.

Best album from ages past
Babylon A.D. - Babylon A.D. (1989) / Nothing Sacred (1992) / American Blitzkrieg (2002)
Black ‘N’ Blue - Black 'N Blue (1984) / Without Love (1985) / In Heat (1988) / Hell Yeah! (2011)
Chris Cornel – Songbook (2011)
Jace Everett - Red Revelations (2009) / Mr. Good Times (2011)
Firehouse - 3 – (1995) / Good Acoustics (1996) / Category 5 – (1998) / O2 – (2000) / Prime Time – (2003)

Black ‘N’ Blue - Black 'N Blue (1984)

Best best of album
The Beach Boys - Platinum Collection - Sounds Of Summer Edition (1963-79)
I’ve already got a best of but this is an expansion :)

Gig of the Month

Cinema film of the Month

Film on TV
Fright Night 2: New Blood
Whitehouse Down
The East
Standup Guys
Last passenger
The Hunger Games
21 And Over

I enjoyed Whitehouse Down & The Hunger Games more than I thought I would. But I thought The East had more depth to it

Top purchase
I’ve recently brought some alternative ‘card’ games
Once Upon A Time – Seems to be the most imaginative
Gloom – best game play
Cards Against Humanity – Most funny – Fast game play - Most likely to be brought out if no sensitive people are playing

July has 1 days off work, 1 gig
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