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Ben’s first awake trip to the animal farm. The arrival of the twin nephews. The completion of our new conservatory. Adding a gate to the back fence. Ben sitting up all by himself :)

Best album of recent times
Down 'n' Outz - The Further Adventures Of (2014) – (Joe Elliot and co doing Mott The Hoople songs)
The Gentlemen – Departures (2013)
Elton John – The Diving Board (2013)
Jack White – Lazaretto (2014)

Alien - Eternity (2014) – Top quality Swedish AOR
Overland - Epic (2014) – Top quality AOR with members of FM, Gillan and Thunder.
It was a tough one but I think I’ll go for
California Breed - California Breed (2014) Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and 23-year-old newcomer guitarist-singer-songwriter Andrew Watt.

Best album from ages past
Tony Hadley – The State of Play (1992)
The Blessing - Prince of the Deep Water (1991)

Best best of album
Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN 1968-90 (4 CDbox set) – This was within a group of albums a friend put on a pen drive for me. I’ve already got this but in a 2 disc edition called ‘Carry On’. But it’s lovely so why not listen again and enjoy the extras :)

Gig of the Month
Hall & Oates Sunday 6th July @ Concert Hall Nottingham

Cinema film of the Month
I should have gone to see Edge Of Tomorrow or Transformer 4, but I didn’t as I had Daddy duties to attend to.

Film on TV
21 And Over
The Heat
The Divide
In Security
Bad Grandpa - Johnny Knoxville Jackass stuff with him in old man disguise.

Top purchase
7 step ladder (for painting the high bits of the conservatory
Large 2 seat leather sofa for the conservatory
Leather chair with electric controlled foot rest / recliner for the conservatory
A massive 5x3m conservatory for Kel to read in while I watch daft Sci-Fi and for baby Ben to play in during the day.

August has 1 and 3 half days off work, 0 gigs, but Dr Who is coming back :)
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